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This is our old main page.

We are currently rebuilding the site.

Expect some missing links!

Welcome To Aardvark DesignWorks

A division of North East Systems

The 3-D Company

The World Wide Web is no longer just a toy, but an active marketplace.

In order to succeed, you now need an impressive webpage, one that stands out from the crowd.

Aardvark DesignWorks® and North East Systems® can provide the experience and knowhow to put the Web to work for you!

Aardvark DesignWorks® and North East Systems® combine sophisticated graphics arts capabilities
with over 30 years of software development experience in industry.

Services Offered

Complete Web Site Design and Programming

Graphic Design of Logos and other Visual Elements

Graphic Design outside the scope of the World Wide Web

3-D Model Development and Animation


Software Consulting and Programming

VRML Development

Software and Firmware Design

Predict Navigator

Cleveland Photos

Website Design

Recent Graphics Work - I

Recent Graphics Work - III

Paganini Development Team

Don't have the latest Netscape® or IE?

Hey, that's OK, come on in!

Our philosophy is to make web sites that look good on ANY browser or machine configuration.

Our sites are baselined at Netscape® 1.1, but will look better on newer browsers.
We currently test our sites on Netscape® 1.22 and 3.0, with VRML capability.

If this site has a problem on your machine, send us feedback, tell us your configuration and what the problem is.

About Us

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North East Ohio Community Dance Schedules

Need some exercise? Want to meet new people? Don't like bars?
Here is some good dancing, no experience necessary.
Singles or couples, kids too!

Historical Construction Equipment Association
New Chapter Forming
Northwest Pennsylvania / Northeast Ohio

For further information about NESYS, our e-mail address is

You can reach us by phone at:


Check this site often! We are continually developing new ideas.

All artwork, backgrounds and programming developed by Aardvark DesignWorks and North East Systems.

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North East Systems is an Ohio tradename
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