High Performance Business WebSites

    Most people think of a business web site as just a marketing tool, in many cases simply an on-line advertisement or catalog.
    But the Web can do much more to produce real value for a business or organization.

     The Web can also be used internally to supply information to employees, or to provide 24 hour / 7 day support to a world-wide field sales and service force. And it can interact with the user, providing user feedback, collecting sales leads, and delivering dynamically changing information.

  • Practical Performance

  • The requirements of a revenue producing business site are considerably different than those for a personal homepage or art-oriented site. The site must look good, but more importantly, it must load fast and run well.

    We have all seen interesting-looking sites which load so slowly that we decide to move on.
    If that's YOUR business site, you've just lost a potential customer!

  • Visuals vs Speed

  • On the Web, the balance between good appearance and loading speed is critical. Extensive graphics slow down a site. We have developed techniques to create sites which LOOK graphics-intensive, yet don't keep you waiting.

    We specialize in good looking web sites which come up fast and run well. We can work with you to find the optimum balance of speed and appearance for YOUR site.

  • Technobabble

  • We have the capability to provide the latest state-of-the-art web goodies, like Frames, Java or VRML, but for the moment, recommend a more conservative approach. Your business site should be accessible to someone with an old 386® and a solid old browser, rather than requiring them to buy a Pentium® 400 and the latest Beta release browser.
    Keep in mind that upgrading all of your field force's laptops could be an added expense.
     In the future, which on the Web means a few months, the technogoodies can be added at modest cost.

    Of course, your site should look great on a big display, but it should also be fully usable on an old VGA machine. You can still put Java in it, to do cute animations, etc., but don't depend on Java for the basic operation of the site.

     Frames, on the other hand, make your site inaccessible to any browser before Netscape 2.0. Thus, if you wish to use Frames, an alternative non-Frames version of your site should also be available.

    This constraint doesn't prevent your site from being highly interactive. Most of the functions of Java which are truly useful from a business standpoint can be done from the server, without requiring users to continually upgrade their computers.

    We have retained some older machine configurations for the express purpose of compatibility testing.

  • Mazes And Puzzles

  • One of the key requirements of a useful business website is that it must state its purpose immediately, and that it must not be a maze for the user. We have all entered sites and wandered around wondering what they were for - and these are business sites!
  • Experience Counts

  • Developing a simple homepage is...well...simple! Most kids have their own webpages.
    But a business site which does real work is much more specialized.
    There are many pitfalls in making a site work well on a variety of computers and browsers.
    We have been there, and we have done that.
    We can save you the pain.
  • Publicity

  • Publicizing a website is a specialty in itself. We will work with you to get your site publicized in the right places, in the right way.


Other Services

  • Graphics Design

  • We have the sophisticated tools to meet your graphics needs, but more importantly, we know how to use them. We can design logos and other visuals for you, or can adapt your existing artwork to the needs of the Web.

    All of the logos and visuals on this site were designed and developed by us.

  • Web Site Upgrades

  • If your business already has a webpage up, but you find it difficult to maintain, or you want to take it to the next level, we can help.
    We can provide consulting services, or take over all development and maintenance.
  • Consulting Services

  • North East Systems can provide software development and consultation services outside the scope of WWW design.

    We do not sell hardware or prepackaged software, and can thus give unbiased advice on the best solutions for your business needs.

  • Pricing

  • Good business websites must be tailored to the organization and to the planned audience. Because of this, we don't publish a hard-and-fast price list.
    We will be happy to give you a quote - we think you will find us competitive.
  • Location

  • North East Systems is located in Northeast Ohio, but we can work with you wherever you are located.

    In practice, we have found that location is no longer an issue. Fax machines, e-mail, the Web, and FedEx® have truly made the world a very small place.

    For further information about Aardvark and NESYS, e-mail us at info@nesys.com.

    You can also reach us by phone at (440) 255-5944.

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