About Us

North East Systems was founded after looking at many slow, boring, unproductive web pages, pages which could not be run without the latest release of Netscape®, or could only run in SVGA, with the sudden realization that -

"Hey - we can do better that that!"

Aardvark DesignWorks was subsequently formed to focus on graphical design for both print and WWW media.

We have concentrated on developing good looking, fast loading web sites, which work right on a variety of browsers and computer configurations.

This has meant using the maximum potential of standard HTML, while avoiding proprietary features which are not widely supported.

We have retained some older browser and machine configurations to allow compatibility verification.


We are located in Northeast Ohio, but can work with you wherever you are located.

In practice, we have found that location is no longer an issue. Fax machines, e-mail, the Web, IRC, and FedEx® have truly made the world a very small place.

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North East Systems is an Ohio tradename
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