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Silver Spade from Ohio Route 9

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Brownsville 2003 Saturday

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Brownsville 2000

Revised March 10, 2002

These photos are from the 2 shows held in 2000
by the National Pike Steam, Gas and Horse Association,
Brownsville PA, south of Pittsburgh.

National Pike has hosted 2 HCEA national conventions, in 1993 and 1999,
both of which were memorable.

However, even when the HCEA is not officially present,
National Pike hosts a large number of impressive earth moving machines,
from a wide range of years.

HCEA National Convention 1999

Revised March 11, 2002

Here are photos from the HCEA National Convention,
held in Brownsville in August, 1999.
It was an awesome show.


Dunbar + Sullivan Steam Derrick

Revised March 10, 2002

A large Clyde floating steam derrick / dredge, photographed in 1980.

Bucyrus-Erie 50-B

Revised March 10, 2002

This Bucyus-Erie 50-B steam shovel, one of 2 operable ones known to exist,
was owned by Bill Rudicill, current HCEA president.
He has since donated it to the Rollag Steam Show.

Crane Gallery

Revised March 10, 2002

Cranes found in the wild, some active, some recently shut down.

Old Equipment Ads

Revised April 5, 2002

Old Equipment Ads from Tom Martin

Construction RayTraces

Revised March 11, 2002

Some construction-oriented ray traces I have done.

Saegertown 2000

Revised March 10, 2002

This album duplicates the page for the
HCEA Erie area chapter, plus additional images.

Silver Spade

The largest shovel remaining active today.
There is an active effort to preserve it when it is retired.

Marion 7400

It was planned to preserve this machine along with The Silver Spade.
Unfortunately, it was scrapped due to inflexible reclamation laws.

1927 Bucyrus-Erie Dredge

Revised March 11, 2002

This large single-ended dredge was built by Bucyrus or Bucyrus-Erie in 1927,
the same year as the merger of Bucyrus with Erie to form Bucyrus-Erie,
and is still going strong after 73 years, apparently without significant modification.

It was one of two identical units built for the Great Lakes Dredge and Dock Company,
and has been a regular fixture on Lake Erie for most of its life.
It was recently sold to Lake Michigan Contractors,
who renumbered it, and changed the window trim color from white to yellow.

It was built with diesel-electric power, when this technology was in its infancy,
before diesel-electric locomotives had been developed beyond the prototype stage.
It has a 9 cylinder diesel in the hold, producing 600 volt DC power,
similar to an old trolley car, to operate all functions.

Rated capacity is a 10 to 12 cubic yard bucket, and weight of a single bite
of wet river bottom muck is reported as 25 tons.

The dredge is designed to be reasonably seaworthy, for moving between harbors.
To improve stability during these transits, the boom can be swung around 180 degrees,
and rested on the crutch above the cabin.
A clever design allows disconnecting the A-frame from the hull,
and supporting it from brackets atop the revolving house,
to avoid interfering with the reversal.
The circular revolving house is wood sided, apparently to reduce topweight for stability.

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