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Steam Floating Derrick

1927 Dredge - still operating!

Lake Boats

Bucyrus Erie 50-B Steam Shovel

Brownsville PA Equipment Shows
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Brownsville 2003 Saturday

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Brownsville 2000

Brownsville 1999

Saegertown Equipment Show - digging!

Crane Gallery

Construction RayTraces

Old Equipment Ads

Baker Steam Engines

Greenville, Ohio Steam Show

Mason Michigan Steam Show
Home of a big steam crane

Silver Spade

Marion 7400

Military Vehicle Show - Hubbard OH
July 24, 2004

Interesting Haulers

IH Tractors at Dover, Ohio

Farmall A

Railroad Photos

Steel Mill Photos

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3-D Ray Traces

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General Gear

A great crawler tractor parts site.

General Gear photo site

Tom Martin's Machine Shop + Machinery Site

Main Page + Shop Data

Engines + Machines

A huge Great Lakes shipping site

Lyman Burk Associates

Lyman Burk & Associates has developed a sophisticated GPS system
for precise positioning of dredges.

Clyde Iron Works

Photo by Alan Borelli

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