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Silver Spade from Ohio Route 9

Preserving the Big Stuff

Two organizations are cooperating to help preserve the history
of surface mining and reclamation equipment.

The ultimate goal is to acquire The Silver Spade,
the last operational big stripping shovel,
after its working days are over.


Marion 111

The museum has recently acquired a
Marion 111M dragline.

This is a large machine, in running order.
It was moved to the new museum site
in the fall of 2003.

Moving the Marion 111M

HCRHP's New Web Site

Marion 7200

Walking Dragline Preservation

James Brothers Coal Company has donated a
Marion 7200 walking dragline to the
Harrison Coal & Reclamation Historical Park.

We are currently raising funds to move this
impressive machine to the museum site.

Marion 7200 Info

Two Cooperating Organizations

Historical Construction Equipment Association

Ohio Valley Chapter

Harrison Coal and Reclamation Historical Park

The Ohio Valley Chapter of the Historical Construction Equipment Association includes the areas of eastern Ohio, northern West Virginia, and Southwestern Pennsylvania.


  • Work on a joint venture with the Harrison Coal & Reclamation Park to acquire a Marion 7400 walking dragline
  • Work with the Harrison Coal & Reclamation Park on other projects
  • Have a display area at the Harrison Coal & Reclamation Park
  • Display at shows
  • Someday have its own show
...are just some of the goals.

To meet the goals of the Chapter we need to increase our membership and interest.

The chapter has many opportunities for those interested in construction, surface mining equipment or both.

The Harrison Coal and Reclamation Park was founded to preserve the history of surface mining and reclamation equipment.


  • To someday acquire the Silver Spade (a Bucyrus-Erie 1950-B stripping shovel) after its working days are over.
  • To acquire, preserve, and display surface mining and reclamation related equipment.

The association currently has a equipment storage and display area, located 2 miles south of Cadiz, Ohio on State Route 9 in the Harrison County Industrial Park.

The area is open to the public on a self guided tour 7 days a week dawn to dusk.

Admission is free, however, donations are appreciated.


About 25 of the donated pieces of equipment are on site, including

  • 1950's 60 ton Dart dump truck
  • 1947 3/8 cubic yard Hanson shovel
  • 8280 Euclid dozer, largest of the Euclid Terex dozers
  • Euclid Pan Scraper
  • Euclid Haul Truck
  • CAT D8

Complete museum equipment list

The Harrison Coal & Reclamation Park meets the 2nd Thursday of every month at 6:30pm.

Meetings are held during the warm months at the Harrison Coal & Reclamation Park, and at the home of Roger Davis on Grant Street in Cadiz during the cold months.

Contact Information

HCEA Ohio Valley Chapter

Bryan Coulson
P.O. Box 116
Holloway, OH 43985

Membership $5.00

Contact Information

Harrison Coal & Reclamation Park
P.O. Box 403
Cadiz, OH 43907

Bryan Coulson

Dale Davis
(740) 942-2602

Marilyn Monzula
(740) 942-3895

Harrison Coal & Reclamation Park
Membership info
$5.00 single
$10.00 family
$25.00 business/corporation
Life memberships also available

The Silver Spade

Bucyrus-Erie 1950-B

Silver Spade - Link to Larger Image

The Silver Spade is an awesome machine!

Bucket Capacity 105 cubic yards
2835 cubic feet
158 tons of rock
Height 220 feet
Reach 195 feet radius
Machine Weight 14,000,000 pounds
7,000 US tons
Cab Dimensions 64 feet wide x 85 feet long
Cab floor is 8 feet thick

More statistics...

Silver Spade Statistics Page

Silver Spade Photo Gallery

Silver Spade 3-D Model

Silver Spade News

Marion 7400

Marion 7400 - Link to Larger Image

This Marion 7400 was located a reasonable hauling distance from the Silver Spade,
and was intended to go on display next to it when the museum gets established.

Sadly, it was scrapped, due to inflexible reclamation laws.

The museum is now working on getting a Marion 7200,
only slightly smaller, and easier to move.

Marion 7400

Marion 7400 Ray Traced 3-D Model

Silver Spade

Waiting for the power lines to be relocated. Boom point is 220 feet high! 105 cubic yards!

Undercarriage - 8 crawlers, each 8 feet high.

Removing groundwater from the pit floor.

Silver Spade News

April 7, 2001

The Silver Spade crossed Ohio Rt. 519 on its way to its new working area.
We were unable to get there, but resolved to never let that happen again!

April 11-12, 2001

We visited the Spade in hopes of watching it in the process of traveling to its new worksite.
We found it parked next to the de-energized high tension wires,
waiting for them to be removed to allow passage.

The location near the highway allowed taking some decent shots
of the undercarriage, not normally visible,
posted on the Silver Spade Photo Gallery

May 18-20, 2001


We spent a 3 day weekend watching the Silver Spade work.
We took many photos, posted on the
Silver Spade Photo Gallery

We initially planned just a brief stop on the way to the Brownsville digging show,
but we watched the Spade late Friday night, and most of Saturday,
before heading to Brownsville.

After the Brownsville show (great as usual) ended Sunday evening,
we went back to the Spade, and watched it for several more hours.

We also got some good pix from Brownsville, to be posted soon.

June 9-10, 2001

We just can't stay away!

The Spade had moved a couple hundred feet further away from the road,
but it was still quite a show.

Not as many photos this time, but we did get a few good shots,
which will be posted soon.

Future plans for 2001

It is expected that the Spade will be working within sight of public roads
throughout the summer. It is working over previously mined land,
using its long reach to get at coal which had been considered too deep to recover.

At present, it is working a small section of the Number 9 seam,
then will ramp down to the Number 8 seam, about 90 feet below.

Current plans are to replace the boom support cables
the last week of June and the first week of July.

We initially heard that the boom would be lowered to do this,
but the plan now is to use the hoist cables to take slack,
and to use two very large lift cranes to change the boom cables.

It should be quite a show!


The great mining machinery site - Stripmine.org

Some good Silver Spade detail shots
on the Cadiz, Ohio website.

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