The National Pike, Steam, Gas and Horse Association

Brownsville, PA
HCEA International Convention - 1999

Rusty McGinness' Erie B Steam Shovel

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Erie GasAir Crane

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Cat 22 Sidesaddle Grader

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A Cat 60 re-engined with a new Cat V-8 diesel.
Amazingly, the original Cat 60 transmission can handle the power!

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Lineup of Cat 60's of the largest gatherings of Cat 60's ever.

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Cat 60 and Cat Diesel 45 (or RD-6?)

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Cat Sideboom R4

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Dirt Wagon

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Wayne Baker's Northwest Shovel

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Manitowoc High-Front Shovel

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2 Cat Diesel 60's

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Keystone Skimmer Shovel

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National Pike (Brownsville) Website

The host organization,
The National Pike, Steam, Gas and Horse Association,
has a nice website, with more info and maps.

2004 Shows

May (15th & 16th) 2004, along with the National Pike Festival.

August (13th, 14th and 15th) 2004. (Primary show)

For more info:

Lou McMaster


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