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Ray Traced 3-D Logo Design Work

All images (c) 1997 North East Systems, unless assigned to clients
Revised 29-August-1997





Experiments for a client

Nothing on these pages exists.

Everything on these pages, and on the entire NESYS site,
was created by us, in the computer.

Computer-based image development has become a practical and economical alternative
to expensive photo shoots, model building, and traditional artwork.

As television and motion picture producers have found, the economic scales
have now tipped in favor of Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) as a way to
quickly produce the exact results desired, with a net cost saving.

We have standardized on the most powerful and flexible image development
and 3-D ray-trace software available today, with the result that we can readily deliver
imagery which is beyond the reach of most "web tools" software.

We have high quality image scanning capability, but with the exception of photos,
rarely use it, as we generally find that CGI produces much better quality,
faster and more economically.

Earlier work



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