David S. Merchant




Skills: Embedded and semi-embedded real time software system design and development, including machine control, imaging, graphics, displays, GUI design and development, 3-D model and scene development, website design.
Languages: C++, Java, MSVC/MFC, C, HTML, POV-Ray, PERL, PV_Wave, Algol, many assemblers.
Systems: Windows NT, Windows 98, VxWorks, VRTX, pSOS, UNIX, SunOS, X-Windows, Regulus, MS-DOS, VAX/VMS, RSX-11-M, RT-11.
Processors: Intel Pentium / 80x86, Motorola 68HC16, 68HC11, 68332, other 68K series, SHARC DSP, SUN/SPARC, VAX, PDP, Perkin-Elmer.
Tools: Adobe PhotoShop 3.0 & 5.0, MS Office tools, Hyperception, various web tools.
Education: Case Institute of Technology, Cleveland Ohio, BSME with minor in Computer Science, 1966
Internet + Other: Own and maintain http://www.nesys.com, a large graphics and 3-D site.

Multiple international raytracing competition awards, http://www.irtc.org

Cyberex LLC
Mentor, Ohio

Software Engineer
May 1998 to present
Embedded real time software system design and development

Designed and developed a large part of the software for a new generation Static Switch product, including a touch screen GUI, Flight Recorder, and Multilingual support objects, as an Object Oriented design using GNU C++, running under VxWorks. Designed much of the system architecture, and did some BSP development. Developed a prototype web-based user interface in Java, running on a web browser.

With 2 others, turned around a legacy C-based 68HC16 Static Switch product to meet mission-critical reliability requirements.

Developed a Modbus interface for this legacy product, and supported field integration.

Developed a complete SHARC DSP firmware package, based on a previous SPROC design, as C custom blocks within Hyperception.

Cyberex website: http://www.cyberex.com

Predict DLI Inc.
Independence, Ohio

Contract Software Engineer
July 1996 - May 1998
Embedded measuring instrument conceptualization, design and development

Developed, with one hardware engineer, a handheld oil quality screening instrument, from initial concept to production release. Work included lab testing to characterize contaminated oil, system hardware and software architecture, package concept, software design and development, and productization.

Website: http://www.predict-dli.com/predmaint/Navigator.html

Cleveland Machine (Motion) Controls,
Valley View, Ohio

Contract Software Engineer
Sept 1994 – Jan. 1996
Embedded real time software system design and development.

Designed and developed video and graphics software and drivers for CMC's new generation Computerized Numerical Control (CNC). This product uses dual embedded Motorola 68332's, running VRTX/IFX, developed on an MS-Windows/PC platform using Microtec Research C++, CodeWright, and XRAY debugger.

Also wrote specifications and developed approximately half of the Data Flow Diagrams (DFD's) for the system.

Pegasus Technologies,
Mentor, Ohio

Contract Software Engineer
April 1994 - Aug 1994
Data Visualization Software design and development

Designed and developed a complete product consisting of a set of GUI-based data analysis and display programs, running on a SUN-OS / X-Windows platform. This package allows an untrained user to display and visually correlate in 4-D (3-D plus color) very large multi-channel chronological data sets used in an AI power plant combustion optimization system. These programs were written in the PV-Wave data display language, plus a data preprocessor written in C, on a SUN / SPARC running X-Windows (both Open Look and Motif).

Picker International,
Cleveland, Ohio

Principal Engineer, CT and X-Ray Software Engineering
Nov. 1980 - Oct. 1993
Image Display and Real Time Control software system design and development

Led a group which designed and developed a patient image management and archiving system for the Picker IQ/PQ CT Scanner product. This system provides fast access to a specialized image database of over 1 Gigabyte online, archiving on multiple media, and networking. This system was developed in C, to run on a Motorola 68030/68040, running Regulus, a real-time UNIX clone.

Led a team which achieved a major upgrade of the Image Display and Analysis subsystem of the Picker 1200-SX CT Scanner, adding significant new functionality, while increasing reliability, speed, and maintainability. This work used a mixture of Assembler and Fortran on a Perkin-Elmer 32 bit computer.

Prior to this, worked in Picker X-Ray Engineering, defining and developing high speed Digital Imaging Systems.

Allen-Bradley Company,
NC Systems Division,
Cleveland, Ohio

Senior Software Development Engineer
Mar. 1973 - Oct. 1980
Design and development of Real Time Factory Automation and CAM systems

Specified, designed, and implemented large scale Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) systems, utilizing a central computer to control and monitor a large number of distributed NC machine tools and PLC's, via a network. Also provided on-site installation support and training.

Systems developed included several large CAM systems for Boeing Commercial Aircraft, Fabrication Division, and the Space Shuttle Tile Fabrication Facility, Lockheed Sunnyvale.

Ex-Cell-O Corp.,
Detroit, Michigan

Engineering Computer Programmer
June 1966 – Mar 1973
Design and development of Real Time Factory Automation and CAM systems

Software engineer in design and development of high-precision Numerical Control and CAM software systems. Wrote NC postprocessors, NC part programs for a variety of machine tools, and did general engineering programming, in Assembler and Fortran.

Developed, with one other software engineer, Ex-Cell-O's first successful CAM system, which controlled dual high speed contouring machines.