Deerhaven - a medieval re-enactment group.

Engineering Connection - We provided buttons, backgrounds, and logos for this client.

Tod Children's Hospital - designed for a pediatric hospital, which required extensive lists of doctors and services, logos, and graphics.

Aardvark DesignWorks - a proposed main page for Aardvark DesignWorks, this provides a good example of simplicity in design.

Maelstrom's Vortex - The personal page of one of our employees, this is a good example of what we can do with a computer graphics program and a little ingenuity.

Slippery Rock University - This main page is no longer available at, but it continues to live in our archives.

Explode - This set of graphics was created for a group in Pittsburgh.

North East Ohio Community Dance Schedule - We maintain the local community dance calendar.

Paganini Development Team - This site was designed in 1997.

Decksmith -

Vortex - an earlier version of Maelstrom's Vortex, see above.

Aardvark DesignWorks Old Page - Our old homepage.

Diamond Management Consultants - Redesigning this site is what got us into the business back in 1996! We've learned a lot since then.

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