Many browser plugins don't do these MIDIs justice. 
It is better to download them (usually right click) 
and play them on a real MIDI program, 
which also allows viewing the score. 

These MIDIs were developed for a Sound Blaster AWE-64 or equivalent sound card, using up to 16 channels and 22 tracks. 


J. S. Bach's "Little" fugue in G minor, BWV578

Revised 2-Sep-2000

It may be short, but it's also pretty intense.
John's version is among the best we've found.

J. S. Bach - Fugue in G major, BWV 577 - version 1
J. S. Bach - Fugue in G major, BWV577 - version 2

"The Jig"

Revised 12-Dec-2000

This fugue is frequently paired in performance with the BWV 578.
It is also rather short, but has a very satisfying complexity.
Two versions are provided here, differing only in MIDI setup.
Try both of them to see which works better with your sound card.


John has developed many partial works, as technique studies.
They are worth listening to.

Best heard with a MIDI program which allows displaying the score.

Tchaikovsky - 1812 Overture (partial)
Revised 2-Sep-2000

Mozart - Eine Kleine Nacht Musik (partial)
Revised 2-Sep-2000

Tchaikovsky - Overture - Nutcracker (partial)
Revised 2-Sep-2000

Tchaikovsky - Waltz of the Flowers - Nutcracker (partial)
Revised 2-Sep-2000

Beethoven's Ninth - Second Movement (partial)
Revised 2-Sep-2000

Since September 2, 2000


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